Our Green and Clean Environmental Consulting for Indoor Air Quality Inspection utilizes the most efficient and sensitive state-of-the-art instrumentation available to assure the accuracy of results and rapid turnaround times. On-site sampling will provide quantitative data useful in the characterization of the facility. 

The purpose of on-site investigations is to determine the nature and the source(s) of indoor air contaminants and/or physical characteristics, if any, that are responsible for specific symptoms and complaints. 

The report resulting from the IAQ Inspection will describe the nature and sources of indoor air quality problems, if any, that are applicable, and also include recommended measures which can be taken to remove or alleviate these problems.

If problems exist, you will then have a definitive set of actionable options. Conversely, if no problems are detected, you will have a documented third party record of this fact for your reference files. 

Get a quick glimpse of some of the most important ways to protect the air in your home by touring the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) House on the US Environmental Protection Agency Web site. Room-by-room, you'll learn about the key pollutants and how to address them. 

Our Green and Clean Environmental Consulting service starts with a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). An Environmental Site Assessment is a detailed report prepared for a real estate holding which identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. The analysis, often called an ESA, typically addresses both the underlying land as well as physical improvements to the property. Contaminated sites are often referred to as "brownfield sites." In severe cases, brownfield sites may be added to the National Priorities List where they will be subject to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund program. 

Actual sampling of soil, air, groundwater and/or building materials is typically not conducted during a Phase I ESA. The Phase I ESA is generally considered the first step in the process of environmental due diligence. Standards for performing a Phase I site assessment have been promulgated by the US EPA and are based in part on ASTM in Standard E1527-05.

As part of our Green and Clean Environmental Consulting we offer 4 types of Phase 1 ESAs’: 

  1. Limited Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is a truncated Phase I ESA, normally omitting one or more work segments such as the site visit or certain of the file searches. When the field visit component is deleted the study is sometimes called a Transaction Screen. 

  2. Environmental Assessment has little to do with the subject of hazardous substance liability, but rather is a study preliminary to an Environmental Impact Statement, which identifies environmental impacts of a land development action and analyzes a broad set of parameters including biodiversity, environmental noise, water pollution, air pollution, traffic, geotechnical risks, visual impacts, public safety issues and also hazardous substance issues. 

  3. SBA Phase I Environmental Site Assessment means all properties purchased through the United States Small Business Administration's 504 Fixed Asset Financing Program require specific and often higher due diligence requirements than regular Real Estate transactions. 

  4. Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are two specialized types of Phase I ESAs that are required when a loan is financed through Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. The scopes of work are based on the ASTM E1527-05 Standard but have specific requirements including the following: the percent and scope of the property inspection; requirements for radon testing; asbestos and lead-based paint testing and operations-and-maintenance (O&M) plans to manage the hazards in place; lead in drinking water; and mold inspection. 
  • Our training allows us to handle all aspects of an Indoor Environmental Inspection.
  • We provide Commercial services to Schools, Office buildings, Building management firms, Manufacturing facilities, Public buildings and Shopping centers.
  • We provide Residential services to Realtors, Home buyers, Home owners, Landlords, Banks/Lending agencies, Insurance companies, Physicians and Hospitals.
  • Mold inspections and sampling including certified laboratory results. 
  • Radon gas testing.
  • Allergen testing for Dust mites, Pet dander, Cockroach, Mice and other common allergy-causing pests.
  • VOC testing
  • Bacteria testing for sewage backup and flooding problems.
  • Lead and Asbestos awareness.
  • Carbon Monoxide/Carbon Dioxide testing.
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